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                      Personal interests and professional services


Various podcast themes and topics coming, including...


Great Lakes - Great Stories - the legends, lore and more


War Heroes - tributes to those who served


Lonely Stones - forgotten stories from cemeteries


The Archives Series - recordings from the past


.... and more.....


In production...


Hits 'n History Series

Working on a series featuring a selection of  top hits combined with top news, sports and events that surrounded that song along with information on the song writers and performers, how they started, what was going on for them when the song was a hit and what happened to them.




The Archive Series

A January 2004 episode is a segment from Lou Turco's Weekend Club radio show on Oldies 93 FM paying tribute to Terry McPhee, former boradcaster and long time friend. (See Sky Studio section of this webiste for more on Terry.)


Link to Spotify episode:


Archive Series - Terry McPhee



Next episodes to include......


Audio from CJIC News Weekend Features from the 1970s


Video from the Rotary television fundraising special, Superthon, the 1986 producton with Lou Turco, Terry McPhee, Frank Holiday, Scott Sexsmith,

Art Osborne and more..


And, a 1999 Algoma Forest Coalition video about Algoma forests that includes two well-respected and remembered forest managers - Jim Miller and Marc Dube.




Recent entries to


The Archive Series

Interviews with volunteers and narration of this 2005 video that documents another part of Sault Ste. Marie history. It's available to borrow from the Sault Ste. Marie James L. McIntrye Centennial Public Library.

A 2005 video production; this background provided on Library website:


Clifford Sweet was co-founder of the Soo Pee Wee Hockey League after successfully managing a hockey program in the elementary schools in the Soo. Merlin Moore was co-founder of the Soo Pee Wee Hockey League in 1958-1959. Previously he organized a hockey program among the churches in the Soo. Jim Glenwright had the dream to build the Soo Pee Wee Arena. Many people believed in his dream and worked tirelessly to make it a reality.


The story of the Soo Pee Wee Arena 

More in The Archive Series - scroll below to The Oral History of Sault Ste. Marie

Here's an episode from


The Interview Series



Canadians helping Ukrainian newcomers –

a story from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada


August 24th is Ukrainian Independence Day, a time to reflect on those who have escaped from the ongoing war in their homeland and on those who remain.

Hear from two who escaped and found help and homes in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. This podcast also let’s you listen to some of those who provide assistance to those new to this city.



Podcast link  


Ukrainian newcomers in a Canadian city by The Interviewer - timely topics, interesting people (

Ukrainian newcomers show local citizens how to make Easter Eggs at an event in the historic Old Stone House, a centre of community events for over 200 years

Old Stone House


Here's an episode from


The On Our Street Series


Produced by Art Osborne:

Research, script, narration, location filming, interviewing


Co-produced by Cheryl Alleway (Jones)

Graphics, video editing, co-narration 

Visit Voice by Cheryl  Cheryl Alleway - Voice By Cheryl


Don Walker. Ross Garrick. Roger Thomas.

Three of 21 World War II volunteers from one street in a Canadian city who didn’t return and are remembered here. 

In this video Art Osborne and co-producer Cheryl Alleway (Jones) are with internationally known Sault artist Ken MacDougall, who grew up on Kohler Street, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada as he recalls the close connections with neighbours and World War II times on this ‘On Our Street’ production.


                                                   Watch here:

More on Ken MacDougall in this interview....


The organization’s stated objective:


 “With every passing day we lose the recollections of the people who have lived through some pivotal times in our city’s evolution. The individual family story becomes the story of a neighbourhood, of our industry, our local businesses, long standing traditions and unique civic character.  The Oral History of Sault Ste. Marie captures those stories through videotaped conversations and preserves them for everyone, anywhere, anytime, in a public archive.”


The complete archive of interviews is accessible here:

 OHSSM - Living History Algoma

As one of the volunteer interviewers, Art Osborne says, " It was my privilege to assist nine participants with their recollections and those are listed here."

(Look for Electronic Resources in the description and CLICK HERE TO VIEW INTERVIEW)


Oral history interview with Debbie Amaroso, 


Oral history interview with Albert Jones, 


Oral history interview with Ron Irwin, 


Oral history interview with Les Pyette, 


Oral history interview with Fred Griffith, 


Oral history interview with Debbie Lori Kaye (Cartner), 


Oral history interview with Ken MacDougall, 


Oral history interview with Donna Ramsay Anderson. 


Oral history interview with Karl Sepkowski 


Here The Interviewer gets interviewed....

2023 - the 100th anniversary of the city's Rotary Parade; some of those involved over the years were asked to talk about this community parade tradition and I was among them... Art Osborne - 100 Years of Rotary Community Day Parades - YouTube (Watching this YouTube segment you should see links to the others who had thoughts about the significance of Rotary's annual summer parade.)

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