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                      Personal interests and professional services

Broadcasting history.... more coming

Radio and television in Sault Ste. Marie from sign on of AM Stations WSOO, CJIC, CJWA, CKNR, CJNR, CKCY and CFYN and FM Stations CJIC, CKCY,

Q-104, CHAS-FM and more through the 1970s, our own Golden Age of broadcasting and beyond. Stories, photos and sound files coming soon.. .stay tuned!!


History links include...








Remember CKSO Radio, Sudbury? Here's what those folks are doing to recall their history CKSO

From CJIC AM Control Room board, internal telephone extension list

Three names from the list above have a recent Oral History (2021) video interview accessible here. Look for Ken MacDougall, Ruby Newell and Karl Sepkowski.

Some of the Art Osborne broadcast files here (these are easily available to me)... other individuals to be added here as material becomes available and/or, maybe on a dedicated Facebook page?

Art Osborne in early 1970s at CFCH 600 radio in North Bay, ON. The same style McCurdy-Gerard control board was used in CJIC AM control, shown below along with CJIC 1050 TOP 50 music charts.

With CJIC morning man and Music Director, Lou Turco and Wolfman Jack

during a fundraising Telethon on CJIC-TV.

The Role of broadcasting in the the Rotary Parade

Art Osborne - 100 Years of Rotary Community Day Parades


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