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Roy Thibedeau continued

The Manitoba naming project is known by some this way.....

… that outlines names of those first honoured with a Manitoba Lake named in their memory. Roy’s lake was named later so he’s not in this initial group but, in reviewing the list, there are connections to him.


RCAF Flying Officer Joseph Lloyd Dobbyn, DFC, a pilot attached to 50 Squadron, Royal Air Force - Roy’s squadron.


Flying Officer Dobbyn was killed along with his entire crew of 50 Squadron Lancaster DV384 when they were attacked by night fighters on the night of 22–23 March 1944. This was just a week before Roy’s last flight. Roy and his crew mates would have at least known Dobbyn and his crew or maybe been best friends, we’ll never know. Either way, Roy and others in 50 Squadron would’ve mourned the loss.

A lake is dedicated to the memory of 22-year-old Flying Officer James Craig, DFC, a bomb aimer with 97 Squadron, a Pathfinder unit of the Royal Air Force. On the night of 30–31 March 1944, fourteen Lancasters and their crews from 97 Squadron were detailed to participate in an attack on the city of Nuremburg. Craig and his crew were on the same mission as Roy whose 50 Squadron Lancaster was among the hundreds of bombers on that raid. RAF suffered its worst night ever, losing 106 Bombers and 545 men on that Nuremberg mission.


Researching the above lead me to, A Place of Honour. The Program’s website explains: “This publication is dedicated to the families of those Manitobans who lost a loved one as a casualty of war. Our Province has recognized their sacrifice in the commemorative naming of more than 4,200 lakes, islands, bays and other geographical features after them.


Roy's entry is below, written by his son Vern:

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