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Emergency management is the generic name of an interdisciplinary field dealing with the strategic organizational management processes used to protect critical assets of an organization from hazard risks that can cause events like disasters or catastrophes and to ensure the resiliency of the organization within their planned lifetime.[1]

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Art Osborne is a trained and experienced emergency management professional ready for pre, during and post event assignments including onsite disaster/emergency dispatch.

Work with the Ontario government and training with Red Cross and Salvation Army Disaster Management Teams combined with dispatch to forest fires, flood and a provincial emergency exercise provide background that will be of interest to government, not for profit and private sectors.


As a former Provincial Information Officer for Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services of Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources, experiences included interaction with various provincial officials as well as those from other jurisdictions in Canada and the United States.

The position also included assignment to Incident Command Teams and dispatch to emergency events within and outside of Ontario.

Per position description:

- “Plan and coordinate the implementation of outreach and communications strategies including communication planning, media and public relations, outreach initiatives as well as development of communication and promotional material” - “To support contentious issues management by preparing responses and coordinating briefing notes for the Minister, Deputy Minister and other ministry designates on a variety of issues receiving media coverage and public attention”

• Project Lead on: 125th FireRanger anniversary; S 403 Information Officer training course development; Strategic Branch Communication Plan development/implementation

Specialized training:

Introduction to Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Salvation Army Supervising Disaster Workers course Red Cross Basic Emergency Management (BEM) course Emergency Management Ontario BEM Instructor course Emergency Management Ontario Supervising Disaster Services course Red Cross Providing Relief Assistance to Clients, disaster management course Red Cross S-403, Type 2 Incident, Information Officer Course (1 week) Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact Complex Incident Management Course (1 week) Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact

Membership Current/Past:

International Association Emergency Managers

International Association of Wildland Fire


Red Cross




Disaster Management Team November 2017
Proud to receive Merit Award Nov 2017
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